Our Mom Needed a Medical Alert Service

Alert-1-Med-3-PP_Alert_9_22_110.jpgGetting older is no fun for the person actually going through it, but it is not a picnic for those of us who care about an elderly person. My mom has been living alone since my father died six years ago, and it has been a constant source of worry for my brothers and me. One of us would make sure to pop in at least once a day to check on her, but she quickly became frustrate with that. She decided to look into a Bay Medical Alarm device to get us to quit hovering over her.

She understood why we were worried, because she is in her 80s and living alone. Read the rest of this entry »

Weight Loss Program and Increase Healthy Lifestyle

When starting to think about a healthy lifestyle weight loss program, it is necessary for you to measure the level of dedication and how much you want to lose weight now. People always have a number of reasons why they cannot lose weight, but there are many easy ways to incorporate techniques and activities into your daily routine that can make a big change. You should know that to lose weight, you do not need to crash diet or weight loss program is too intense that makes you change a habit or behavior major. Instead, take advantage of a few tips that can improve your health and your life.

First, large meals three times a day still needed, try to scale back on the great food you eat and eat five or six small portions throughout the day. In addition, try to eat your last meal the day before seven o’clock in the evening. Studies show that people who eat at night is not only on the pounds, but also have a hard time talking and keeping it off.
Further, while eating, try placing your fork on your plate between bites. Talking with your partner dinner, eat slowly and gently, chew and swallow another bite completely before you put in your mouth. When you do this, you give your stomach time to catch up with what you see visually and become fuller, faster.

Organized other useful tips to watch out for is to drink plenty of plain water before eating. A common mistake we make is that we decided to eat when in fact our bodies wear out and need water. Every other time you feel hungry not like need to snack, but drink a glass of water and you’ll find not hungry as you think.

Finally, by changing the ingredients you cook. To add extra flavor, substitute materials such as milk, cream, butter or sugar with hot sauce, spices, or Salsa. This substitution not only adds a huge amount of sense, but it also burns hot in your digestive fluids for extra work and will help you burn calories faster.

Tips for Combating Joint Pain at Home

Those who experience joint pain liken the symptoms to a slow ache that won’t go away, while others explain the feeling as a constant sharp, shooting pain. But no matter how the pain is inflicted, the stiffness associated with the condition increases the inability to live life to the fullest. When the pain is severe enough, the majority of doctors will recommend a specialist for orthopedic care and surgery. However, there are also ways to deal with the pain at home without over-the-counter medications.

  • Maintaining a healthy weight can reduce the stress on knee, ankle or hip pain. It may not be easy for those who are severely overweight, but the effects of losing weight can immediately be felt in the lower joints. For others, the pains can completely disappear after a major weight loss.
  • Those with osteoarthritis or other joint conditions may actual find the remaining activity can help these joints. Severe pain sufferers should opt for gentle exercises, such as swimming or water aerobics; the result is stronger muscles and tendons surrounding the affected areas.
  • Other joint pain sufferers find benefit from acupuncture, which can help to rebalance the body. It doesn’t work for everyone, but certain sufferers have found it relieves pain and increases movement.

Getting a Vasectomy

If you and your spouse feel that your family is complete and traditional forms birth control like condoms and the pill aren’t an option, you may want to consider a vasectomy. Yes, your spouse could get a tubal ligation (i.e. getting one’s tubes tied) but unlike a vasectomy, that procedure is considered a major surgery with a lengthy recovery time.

Vasectomies are done on an outpatient basis and are only minimally invasive. Recovery time is short and risks and complications are low. You’ll have it done at your urologist’s (Check out Google to find a good urologist if you’re looking to get a vasectomy in GA) office using local anesthesia. Recovery involved ice packs and taking it easy for a few days. To be safe, once you are up to resuming sexual activity you should use a secondary form of birth control for a few weeks until your body adjusts.

Should you change your mind in the future, the procedure can be reversed with moderate success rates, but it’s something you should not have done without being reasonably certain you don’t want to have any more children. Vasectomies are safe and simple and a good choice for couples who don’t want to create any pregnancies.

What You Should Know About Dry Eye Syndrome

Do your eyes constantly feel like they are dry? Do you have trouble blinking or do your lids get stuck? Are they scratchy itchy and irritated? If so, you could be suffering from a condition known as dry eye syndrome. The ultimate effects of this condition have a great impact on the comfort and the quality of vision and thus impacts the sufferer’s entire well being.

If you are over the age of 40 and you think you are suffering from dry eye syndrome, here’s a look at what you should know about over 40 eye care in St. Louis to help you better understand this condition.

Facts About Dry Eye Syndrome

There are several facts that sufferers of this condition should be aware of, including:

  • Dry eye syndrome is extremely common and it is typically a benign condition.
  • Marked side effects include disturbance to the tear film, which can impact the ocular surface and cause several different symptoms.
  • The tears are extremely important for the eyes. They help to keep the eyes comfortable and keep vision clear, as they coat the eyes and keep them moist. The tears that protect the eyes are made up of three layers.

Causes of Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye syndrome is caused by either a decrease in the quality or the quantity of the tears.

Decreased tear quality can be caused by infections of the eyelid, which prevents the eyes to create balanced tear production. A decrease in the quantity of tears can be related to aging, medications (like antihistamines and birth control pills), rheumatoid arthritis, as well as a history of ocular injury or surgery.

Treating Scoliosis Surgically

Your doctor has recently given you the news that you have scoliosis, a condition which causes the spine to curve – no wonder you have been having such horrible back pain. Now you are wondering what the treatment options are.

Physical therapy is certainly an option for treating this condition, however, if the curve of your spine is severe – 50 degrees or more – spinal correction surgery may be your only option for relief.

What does surgery involve? What can you expect? Here’s an introduction to some important information.

Why surgery? If your spine has a severe curve of 50 degrees or greater, it will only get worse over time. Having it corrected now will prevent further damage – and further pain.

Is surgery generally successful? Yes, this corrective surgery, spinal fusion, is very successful in stopping the curve of the spine from growing.

Will surgery relieve back pain? Yes, it will; but not immediately. Right after surgery, you can expect to experience more pain; however, as you heal, your pain will start to subside and within one year, you can expect to have significantly lower levels of pain.

What does surgery entail? During this surgery, the curved vertebrae that are causing your spine to curve are fused so that they will heal into a single, solid bone.

Steps to Having a Healthy Pregnancy

kegel-exercises-for-pregnancyTo have a healthy pregnancy, there are several steps of factors must be considered. A healthy pregnancy begins with healthy people. Before making the decision to become parents, the couple had agreed decisions and plan ahead.

With good preparation, not only more healthy mother, but the baby in the stomach you will get a better start in life. The parents especially mothers, should eat nutritious foods, such as eliminating the consumption of alcohol and tobacco, begin an exercise program of yoga or Kegel exercises, weight control, and address potential disease such as family history of stroke and diabetes. If x-rays or other medical tests such as pap smears, USG, Rh-factor test or mammogram is required, they must be completed prior to conception. You should also consult your doctor about the medications required and the dosage should be reduced.
Prior to the pregnancy, women should stop using oral of contraceptives, at least a minimum of 2-3 months in advance, so the effect of hormonal contraceptives may be lost from the body. As long, as an alternative method of birth control can be used. During pregnancy, mothers in particular, should pay close attention to his body and his mind. Each is important in maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

1. Diet and nutrition – a complete and healthy diet advice that meets or exceeds all established nutritional guidelines for pregnant women from the height and weight can be found from many pregnancy books, health magazines, consulting physician, or other Internet sources. Refrain from all food and drink as dangerous as alcohol, cigarettes / tobacco and drugs. Especially during the first trimester when morning sickness may be a factor, it may be difficult to maintain proper nutrition. Maintaining healthy habits by drinking at least 8 ounces of water a day.

2. Get enough rest and relaxation,  The body and mind are likely to recover from a period of rest and relaxation. Consider a program that allows periods of rest and relaxation, perhaps while doing other activities such as reading and take a walk in the park. If parents enjoyed listening to music, his work can be continued during pregnancy. Each exercise or normal activity before pregnancy can continue to follow the advice of your health care professional. If parents enjoyed listening to music, his work can be continued during pregnancy.

3. Medical care – regular monthly visit to your doctor is required. Not only is an opportunity for prospective parents ask questions, but by doctors, nurses or midwives are trained to make observations about the pregnancy. If the fetus is growing at a normal rate? It is the mother’s weight and general health satisfactory?

4. Clothing and shoes – as the body shape and proportions change, it is important to be aware of your posture. The mother should wear comfortable shoes properly, consider temporarily putting aside any type of shoe that will affect the center of balance. He tripped and fell unhealthy for both mother and child. Clothing should be comfortable and not restricted. There are many attractive designs and fashionable clothes that help women feel good about how you look during pregnancy. Cheerful spirit – Parents are generally cheerful and maintain minded outlook on life tend to be happier and healthier than those who are pessimistic, angry or bitter.

Planning and anticipation – Looking forward to the show can do to help maintain a healthy pregnancy. Preparing for the birth, attending childbirth classes, choosing a name – all of these activities contribute to a happy mother.

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