My Father Has a Great Assistant

When I told my father that I would need to get senior home care in Queens for him, he was against it. He didn’t want anyone else but me taking care of him, but I couldn’t do that, because I was at work for most of the day. I couldn’t quit my job, because then I wouldn’t have any income, and then we would both be out on the street. After a long talk, we agreed that home care was the best option.

I heard some good things about a local home care company from one of my coworkers who has it for their grandfather. I called the company, and we were able to make arrangements for my father. I made my father make a promise that he would be as agreeable to the home care assistant as possible, and wouldn’t do anything to make their job more difficult than it probably already has to be. Read the rest of this entry »

Identify the Main Symptoms of the Vaginal Yeast Infection

Esophageal yeast infection is indeed annoying and frustrating to tear his head hurts again and again. We spend millions each year on a variety of prescription and over the counter drugs that promise to improve and eliminate the symptoms we make our yeast infection thing of the past. Never stops because we do not really cure the problem, only mask the symptoms temporarily. Fungus Candida usually infects the mouth and vagina. Generally, the more serious infections will occur shortly after getting candidasis.

A yeast infection is one of the female vaginal infections are most common. Candida fungus is commonly found in the vagina and can sometimes get out of control and break the law became overgrown infection. It affects nearly 90 percent of women and often presents symptoms and can go undetected.

When symptoms are served, they can range from mild to chronic. Typical symptoms include:

1. Discharge may be one of the first signs you will see; it is often messy white clumpy often said to look like cottage cheese. It is one of the signs tell the story.

2. But since not all women experience signs and symptoms similar easiest way to tell you have a yeast infection is if there is a combination of discharge with itching around the vagina. Itching becomes annoying and the more you scratch the more annoyed it could be scratched.

 3. There are times when a woman will not experience signs of infection and if left untreated yeast infection can cause vaginal irritation, pain during intercourse and like burning when urinating.

Ironically, the prescription of antibiotics often used to treat yeast infections can actually disrupt the natural balance of vaginal yeast and leave the vagina susceptible to fungal infections. It is clearly more sensible to choose a natural or homeopathic solutions when treating both conditions or working towards restoring the natural balance not interfere with one of ‘fix’ the other.

There is no proven measure to prevent exposure to the fungus candidas as of yet. There are anti-yeast diet recommended by some nutritionists and embraced by the people of holistic medicine but this was not done to fully eliminate the yeast in the body, but to stop production.

There are many all natural treatments to get rid of yeast infections as well as many ways to prevent infection, but we live in a society that is toxic and this makes it difficult to eradicate. Strengthen the immune system is the best way to prevent the worsening effects of yeast infection in the body.

Drink Tea For Diabetes Patients

healthy green tea cup with tea leavesWhen the day started in the morning, a cup of tea can be a defense against one of the life-threatening diabetes. This is good news especially for diabetics who are fans of the tea. Many research results support the positive effect of certain varieties of tea to diabetic patients. If you are a diabetic who want to control diabetes by drinking tea, examples black tea, green tea or herbal tea. And herbal tea is tea varieties that should be seen on the shelves of your kitchen.

Green tea and diabetes
The positive effects of green tea on a person’s health has been much discussed lately. Goodness of green tea can benefit diabetes as well. EGCG is a major component in green tea. which can help prevent diabetes and reduce the effects of diabetes on the body. ECGC helps diabetics to break down glucose, which ultimately lowers blood glucose levels in the body. Catechins in green tea are known to balance the levels of insulin in the body.

Black Tea and Diabetes
Early natural way to combat diabetes. The content aflavins and arubigins found in black tea mimic the action of insulin and helps the body to a secret sugar into energy. Drinking black tea regularly may benefit diabetes by regulating blood sugar levels. It is also a good idea to make an infusion of black tea will add spices such as bay leaves, cinnamon and cloves which help the body use insulin more effectively.

Chamomile Tea and Diabetes
Forming herb chamomile flowers, when impregnated with water to make a soothing tea is known to reduce the symptoms of diabetes. Drinking chamomile tea can prevent blurred vision, kidney damage, muscle anomalies and other complications related to diabetes.

 Although said to be true that drinking tea can help prevent and treat diabetes, but must bear in mind the fact that tea can not fully alleviate diabetes. Using tea in addition to prescription your doctor can treat the symptoms of diabetes are the most effective. The quality of tea used is also a major determinant in how well the tea works for diabetes. However, there are no side effects associated with drinking tea, particularly those mentioned in the article are known to improve the overall health of the body. So while you enjoy a cup of tea, the benefits your body with all the goodness in your tea.


How our food habit affect our health

eatfastWe are what We eat. You have certainly seen this expression, which means that the food we eat can have a significant effect on our body. This is so true. Too much junk food will pollute our body with toxins and cholesterol, which leads to all sorts of diseases. This is because we have lost the eating habits of the older generation and instead focuses more on fast food. In this article I provide information about healthy cooking and food we have neglected.

It is very common for people to believe that only significant even when physical exercises you on that unjustly eat. In fact, it’s a really bad idea. It is important to have a balanced diet and provide your body all the nutrients it needs to function properly. For example, it is important that you keep your intake of salt and sugar to prevent diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. It is advisable that you lots of fruits and vegetables eat instead of products of animal origin.

There is a large assortment of plants that you can use to provide a variety to your diet. It is best to choose them fresh or better yet buy organic vegetables, because they have no chemical compounds. Consumption of these types of foods will ensure that your body gets all the nutrients needed to function properly. In addition, there are also some plants that are really good for your health. We have, for example, grains such as oats, which can have a positive effect on human health. Those who can understand this article on the French alternatives (stuffed mushroom) for more information about healthy food and healthy living read this.

These plant products to eat and reduce your consumption of meat can be really useful to improve your health. Plants can bring you all of the necessary protein and fat and you don’t have to take a product of animal origin. In this way you will be in a better health and your cholesterol level will in the normal range.

Most of the diseases that today were caused by our bad eating habits. The industry of fast food, highly processed foods and foods of intensive farming are the reason for this rise in diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Changing our diet should have a beneficial effect on our health.

Five Things Easy Helps Prevent Breast Cancer

Breast-Cancer-PreventionInstead of thinking on breast cancer, more wisely chose to concentrate on keeping our breasts healthy through healthy lifestyle and food choices.
The following tips may help you, because the actions and foods they suggest, contrary to many alternative views of cancer prevention. They are supported by a strong research, – from the lab, with animals, and in the long-term human studies. Thus, each of these tips has a strong scientific basis, unlike the assertions made by their intention to sell their products to you and ask for opinions.
Start one of these suggestions will definitely lower the risk of breast cancer. Use them all the better.

  1. Be more active
    A healthy lifestyle by finding people who exercise or work on a regular basis is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of breast cancer.
    For breast health I walk every day for 30-45 minutes, take a weekly yoga class, and doing tai chi twice a week.
  2. Eat more unrefined seed foods
    All seeds provide phytoestrogens. Women who eat the most phytoestrogenic four times more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer than those who ate the least. Grains such as wheat, rice, maize, millet, quinoa is a food and raw seeds. Legumes such as lentils, black beans, peas, and beans are seed on its uncooked foods. Including beans, walnuts, almonds, and pecans. And edible seeds such as sesame, sunflower, and pumpkin.
    Fruits and vegetables are eaten directly with their seeds – such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, kiwi fruit, summer squash, tomatoes, and cucumbers – count the grains as refined foods. Even seeds used as spice flavor, such as cumin, coriander, caraway, anise, and dill seeds.
    For breast health, I have replaced all refined carbohydrates – including white rice and white / unbleached flour products such as pasta, bread, cookies, crackers, pretzels, donuts, and cakes – with whole-grain products.
  1. Reduce the meal with vegetable oil; improve animal fat, especially from dairy products
    If you are dubious about eating more animal fat and dairy products to reduce the risk of breast cancer, consider. 1gram(about one tea spoon) of vegetable oil consumed per day, the risk of breast cancer increased by 70%. Conversely, forevery10grams of fat from meat and dairy products in the daily diet, the risk of breast cancer decreased by55%. For breast health I use yogurt, cheese, milk, butter, and olive oil daily, and eat meat.
  1. Eat less tofu and soy beverage; eats more miso and tamari.
    The active ingredient in soy – isoflavone – when given to breast cancer cells in petri dishes causes them to grow rapidly. (Extracts of dong quai and licorice have a similar effect.)
    Miso and tamari – fermented soy foods – are the exceptions. Both are very prevention of cancer, no matter when you start eating them. Animal studies have found both miso and tamari highly effective in preventing cancer, and the more you eat, the more you reduce the risk of cancer.
  1. Eat foods rich in antioxidants; but avoid supplements of vitamins C and E
    A diet that contains plenty of food rich in antioxidants definitely lowers breast cancer risk. But supplements seem to do the opposite. One new “chemotherapy” links a deadly form of zinc for ascorbic acid molecule; when the cancer consuming ascorbic acid, zinc is set free to kill cancer cells.
    For breast health I eat 5-7 servings of food a red / orange, dark green and sunny every day.

These five tips are easy, much will increase your chances of living to be a wise old woman with healthy breast.

Going barefoot for diabetics

barefoot in floorWho would not enjoy coming to the house, kicking off their shoes, and spent the rest of the day barefoot? Especially here in the summer, cooling the feet and go barefoot quite enjoyable. But if barefoot? Like most such questions, the answer is a definite “maybe”

First of all, if you have a history of diabetes, you should not go barefoot. Advanced diabetes can cause progressive numbness legs, called peripheral neuropathy. Decreased sensation may prevent you from feeling something that you tread, such as nails, wood or glass splinters. Often this will lead to infection and can develop to put a foot at risk of amputation. People with diabetes should always protect their feet with shoes, house shoes, or sandals anti-slip.

 If you do not have diabetes, there is some leeway again with this issue. The answer depends more on the type of floor you walk on. For example, a house with soft flooring, plush carpeting very good to walk on barefoot. Carpets will absorb the shock of your feet and provide a cushion for a long time standing.

However, at least have a thick carpet throughout the house. In fact, it is a well established fact that most families spend the most time in the kitchen. It is no coincidence that many meetings in the house ends gathered in the kitchen. With a few exceptions the kitchen is not carpeted.

 So what if we walk on the tile floor? When we are standing or walking on a hard surface, there are two types of forces involved. One is the impact strength of your feet on the ground. There is then an equal and opposite force, known as the “land of the reactive force” sent from the ground back to your legs. For that reason, measures that are not covered in, unforgiving hard floor would double the power in your legs. Running will increase the power of the fourfold.

Shock absorption can be effective in reducing these forces. We usually call it “footwear.” A rubber soles, for example, will absorb some of the shock of foot impact on the ground as well as a portion of the reactive force.

Back to “kick” your shoes when you get home. You generally okay to do it, as long as you are in tile or wood surface that is hard, protecting your feet with some good, cushioned footwear. That is, of course, unless you have diabetes or other conditions that have reduced sensitivity in your feet. In this case, better to be safe with shoes or sandals.

Hair pulling habit leads to hair loss

bad habit-pulling hairHair is the habit of pulling the bad things that can provide headaches for many people especially cause hair loss. We speak about the hair disorder known as trichotillosis and observed in approximately 2% of the population states of America. However, the number of people affected by this disorder may be higher because many people are not aware of these problems or do not want to discuss it with other people.

What trichotillosis?

Trichotillosa (also known as trichotillomania) is a medical condition in which people tend to pulling or repeal your hair regularly and lasts longer. Behavior such as this, can be intentional and have different causes including obsessive compulsive disorder, mental illness and many other psychological conditions. Doctors noted that typically a genetic condition that is usually triggered by infectious depression, stress or excessive anxiety. And despite the fact that many people are affected by it, there is not much information about this issue and not as extensively studied as other psychological disorders.

The signs trichotillosis
Pulling hair under trichotillosis can be done either by intentional or expedient for giving gratuities to the person affected. The most obvious sign of this disorder is appealing his own hair and bald spots that were not typical for natural hair loss. In most cases people are exposed to pulling on the head in one or a set of specific points, but it was observed that some patients repeal and pulling their eyelashes, eyebrows and pubic hair even under the same conditions. Repeal and pulling hair usually begins in high stress environments or when a person experiences anxiety. Are under stress, no trichotillosis usually not manifested.

Diagnosis, action, and treatment

As said before, it is quite difficult to diagnose this condition in many patients without direct observation because the affected person usually does not claim to have such a habit. In addition, many people who repeal their hair forcibly without realizing it, so it’s really difficult to make a diagnosis without the aid of additional witnesses. If not, dermatologists and trichologists analyze the pattern of hair loss and the search for other factors that could cause such an effect.

Selecting the right treatment depends on the patient’s age and actual condition. In children, the disorder is usually ignored because of depleted with age. In adolescents and young adults of this disorder become very sensitive because it may trigger an emotional response. In older adults it is usually caused by excessive stress, so instead of trying to use the medicine to stop hair loss, it is advisable to evaluate your stress first.

Both medicine and psychological therapy used to treat the trichotillosis. Successful treatment depends on the severity of the condition and the patient’s willingness to get rid of the disorder. There is no point in using other hair loss remedy when dealing with trichotillosis because it provides a mechanical failure outside rather than nutrient or hormonal imbalances inside.

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