Our Mom Needed a Medical Alert Service

Alert-1-Med-3-PP_Alert_9_22_110.jpgGetting older is no fun for the person actually going through it, but it is not a picnic for those of us who care about an elderly person. My mom has been living alone since my father died six years ago, and it has been a constant source of worry for my brothers and me. One of us would make sure to pop in at least once a day to check on her, but she quickly became frustrate with that. She decided to look into a Bay Medical Alarm device to get us to quit hovering over her.

She understood why we were worried, because she is in her 80s and living alone. Read the rest of this entry »

The Importance of Exercise for Body

Exercising are also not only applicable for overweight, but also for normal people. Exercise can be a positive thing to good remedy for stress

Exercise is very important for our health. When we exercise, all body organs in our body is improving; the heart is beating faster thus pumping blood more to circulate our body, liver and colons are performing metabolism, and finally brain releases endorphin which can create good effect for our body. The importance of exercise is not only for the sake of physical health, but also mental health. The benefits of exercising are also not only applicable for over weight people, but also for normal people. Exercise can be a positive thing to do in spare time and it is always good to be done with company.

Fitness-for-womenThe importance of exercise is also affecting mental state. Exercise is also known as a good remedy for stress. Most cardio workouts like running are good to help reduce stress and help improving concentration. A session of running can improve the production of endorphin which is commonly known as happy hormones. An increase of endorphin level happens shortly after working out. That is why when you sweating, you will feel slight euphoria or happy feeling. Exercising is also good to improve confidence. Walking or running allows you to have some time to think on your own, thus help you to get focused. It also results in a psychological improvement in the way overcoming the duty of working out gives you the feeling of satisfaction because of working hard.

The physical benefits of working out also point out the importance of exercise. By exercising, you help your body to work. It makes the whole systems in your body improving. Regular exercise helps you to improve muscles strengh and improve blood circulation, thus preventing you from chronic diseases such as heart problem. When heart is working harder, the blood quality is also improving. This will affect the entire systems and organs in your body. A person who does regular exercise always has high life expectancy than those who do not.

Reasons Why People choose Herbal Supplements For Health

Herbal-SupplementsHerbal Supplements For Health

Herbal supplements have been proven effective. They have been able to that herbal supplements containing ingredient that the body needs for a particular purpose.

Before the drugs discovered the past people rely on herbal medicine to cure the illness. Drugs from herbs used to treat their disease. People got a good drug at a low cost. In medicine, it is now a lot of people going back to the people from years ago used to live naturally. In this case the type of medicine they choose to use. Herbal supplements have grown in the past. They work better than synthetic supplements. Herbal supplements have the advantage of having the ability to be made from any plant and is also part of the plant. The parts of the plant have different healing abilities.

There are several reasons why using natural medicine method is the best choice for us. This means that our body is able to recognize natural medicines easily compared to the synthetic. Our bodies have been made in a way that they can know what is natural and what is not. So herbal medicine is easily absorbed by the body quickly. Most herbal supplements are preparing the way they maintain the active nature of in it. They work effectively when some constituent combined together.

herbal-supplementsAnother reason is that they are grown locally. The plants can be found in almost any location. Most drugs or herbal supplements are found locally because people were not regular travel far to go to get the herbs from somewhere else but used by people who are just close and was able to find that they know the plants have healing properties.

Another reason is that herbal supplements have been proven effective. Many studies have been done by the scientific world, and they have actually been able to find that herbal supplements containing ingredients that the body needs for a particular purpose. The plants have also been shown to work by looking at the reaction of most people after taking herbal supplements. Due to the natural material so that they can adjust to the body. A body able to relate to herbal supplements because of their natural characteristics. The plants usually work with one’s body to try and improve the immune system. Herbal supplements can actually help prevent any disease. They will keep your body in tip top condition. Although it does not look like herbal supplements have side effects or danger of any kind, at least it is important to consult a doctor before taking any of the herbal supplements.

Rhinoplasty: What to Do After Cosmetic Surgery

Nose-cosmetic-surgeryLack confidence with your nose problem? Nasal surgery, or cosmetic “rhinoplasty” surgery, is one of the common forms of plastic surgery performed today. You can remove the ridge that unsightly or smoothed sphere. The procedure is short and safe. And you can really start to see results in a matter of weeks or months.
Yes, and during the healing process you may experience visible bruising, swelling, and skin discoloration. How do you handle all of this while waiting for a complete recovery appeared nose? The answer is with cosmetics. Cosmetics today are made with great quality and flexibility, you pay for convenience blouse covering his nose during healing treatments work.

The first step is to make sure you have nothing of your plastic surgeon. You are usually not allowed to wear cosmetics and apply for one or two days after rhinoplasty cosmetic surgery. If you do not feel confident to go back to work and socialize during that time anyway. Once you have your doctor’s approval, the most important thing is to practice good hygiene and thorough cleanse of cosmetics from your nose every night. You also need to make sure all brushes and applicators are free from contamination as well. If not, some bacteria can get into your line of surgical incisions and cause infections and increased swelling in the nose. Here are the steps after rhinoplasty cosmetic treatments:

A corrector is designed to block stains darker or deeper than normal to cover the ground. For this reason, a good concealer and think, sometimes pasta, allowing you to hide the bruises and rhinoplasty nose lines. Then apply a base coat for best results. The trick is to find a concealer that matches your skin tone and is water resistant for durability. You can opt out even before plastic surgery because it is necessary to match the color of normal skin without discoloration that may be caused by the procedure.

rhinoplasty-cosmetic-surgeryColor Corrector
In some cases, you can do better with a color corrector. It is intended to counter the color of bruises. For example, if you have a bruise and the color red, you should use a green concealer to neutralize the warm colors. If you change more yellow in color, lavender corrector can take your skin color returned to normal.

The foundation itself can be used to do wonders in healing some still red and swollen nose. You can buy several different shades of foundation to create the illusion of the nose, then less swollen. Start by applying a light base line (maybe one or two shades lighter than your normal color) right in the middle of your nose. It will be interesting light and attention to this section. Then create a “shadow” by applying a dark stripe on the side of the base node, and combine them into a color, the lighter top.

Now after rhinoplasty cosmetic surgery,  the nose is attractive and beautiful in itself within a few months. Until then, a bit of color and form large defines cosmetics will be your best friends.

Prevent the Outbreak of the Ebola Virus Early

virus-ebola-exampleEbola is a deadly disease caused by a virus. There are five strains, and four of them can make people sick. After entering the body, it kills cells, making some of them explode. It wrecks the immune system, causes heavy bleeding inside the body, and damages almost every organ.

Ebola can feel like the flu or other illnesses. Symptoms show up 2 to 21 days after infection and usually include: High fever, Headache, Joint and muscle aches, Sore throat, Weakness, Stomach pain, Lack of appetite

As the disease gets worse, it causes bleeding inside the body, as well as from the eyes, ears, and nose. Some people will vomit or cough up blood, have bloody diarrhea, and get a rash.

People with a tendency ebola virus in their blood only transmitted when showing the symptoms above. The virus can not be transmitted before the person experiencing the symptoms. That is, people in the same plane with the patient in Dallas diagnosed with Ebola virus, Thomas Eric Duncan, can not be exposed to the virus from him as yet showing symptoms.
Direct contact with people who are closest related to the patient, family members, and friends. These people are most likely to be in contact with body fluids of patients because they represent the group most likely exposed to Ebola and high risk of developing the disease.

symptoms flu ebolaHow to treat when the Ebola virus? There is no cure for Ebola, although the researchers are working on it. Treatment includes experimental serum that destroy infected cells.

Doctors manage the symptoms of Ebola with:

  • Fluids and electrolytes
  • Oxygen
  • Blood pressure medication
  • Blood transfusions
  • Treatment for other infections

A legal order for people potentially infected ebola. They should not leave the treatment room or make contact with other residents. A maximum of four family members ebola patients may be in quarantine with a law enforcement official is outside their home.

The natural way to avoid disease ebola is to keep the environment around you to keep it clean and keep your immune levels so as to prevent the entry of diseases harmful to health.

To Do When Suffering from Diabetes

To Do When suffering from diabetes Diabetes is a condition of a person who has an increased glucose level for reasons that the body can not produce enough insulin or because the cells in the body does not respond to the insulin that is produced. Insulin is a hormone that regulates the energy and glucose metabolism in the body. It causes cells in the liver, muscle and fat tissue to get glucose from the blood. The glucose is then stored as glycogen in the liver and muscles. It stops the use of fat as source of energy. When insulin is high or low, the body cells can not take up glucose from it. It is the time when the body starts to use fat as energy source.

As a diabetic patient, you have to take an active role in managing your diabetes. Make a commitment to yourself, to your doctor, nurse and dietitian. They will give you enough knowledge for you to understand this kind of condition and encourage you to take part in the treatment. And also, support along the way. You should know about the basics of diabetes care and how to live with it. Read about diabetes. Eat healthy food and exercise as part of your daily activities. Be conscious about your weight and monitor your blood sugar. Always follow your doctor’s instructions and do not hesitate to ask questions.

Avoid smoking because it increases the risk of having complications later on. These complications include: heart attack, stroke, nerve damage and kidney diseases. Patients who have diabetes and a smoker are three times more prone to die of cardiovascular diseases. You should have a yearly eye examination to check for signs of retinal damage, cataracts and glaucoma. Keep your blood pressure and cholesterol in normal level. It can damage your blood vessel, having a high blood pressure can lead to heart attack. Diabetes care is needed for those having diabetes.

Exercise-for-reduce obesityBlood sugar in high levels can possibly weaken your immune system. Flu, pneumonia and other vaccines are important for your protection. One more thing you have to remember is caring for your feet because a high blood sugar level can damage the nerves in your feet as well as reduce blood flow to your feet. To be able to prevent problem of the foot always wash your feet with lukewarm water daily. Dry them and moisturize it using lotions. Be observant, check for any blisters, cuts, sores, redness or swelling every day. Immediately consult your doctor if foot problems occur. A sore that does not heal for a few days would be a bad indication. If not treated properly it may become a serious problem.


Stay Living Healthy with Diabetes

Exercises  Ways To Stay Living Healthy with DiabetesLet’s talk about how diabetes need to eat. Everyone needs to eat nutritious foods. Our good health depends on eating a variety of foods that contain the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, fiber and water. Carbohydrates, proteins and fats are found in foods that you eat. They provide your body with energy. Your body needs insulin to use this energy. Insulin is made in the pancreas. If you have diabetes, either the pancreas does not produce insulin or your body can not use the insulin it makes. So your blood sugar levels are not normal.

Starch and sugar in the diet is carbohydrate. You can find starch in bread, pasta, cereals, potatoes, beans, peas, and lentils. Natural sugar in fruits, milk and vegetables. No sugar added in desserts, candies, jams and syrups. All of these carbohydrates can affect your blood sugar. When you eat carbohydrates they are turned into glucose and travel in your bloodstream. Insulin helps glucose get into the beta cells in your pancreas where it can be turned into energy and stored. Eating the same amount of carbohydrates per day during meals and snacks can help you control your blood sugar levels. Protein in meat, poultry, fish, milk and other dairy products, eggs, beans, peas, and lentils. Starch and vegetables have a small amount of protein. The body uses protein for growth, maintenance and energy. Your body needs insulin to use the protein you eat.

nutrients and vitamins forDiabetesscleFat in margarine, butter, oil, salad dressing, nuts, grains, milk, cheese, meat, fish, poultry, snacks, ice cream and desserts. There are three types of fat. Monounsaturated, polyunsaturated fats and saturated. Everyone should eat less saturated fat found in meat, dairy products, coconut, palm oil or palm kernel oil, and hardened shortening.
Saturated fats can increase your cholesterol levels. The best fats are monounsaturated fats found in canola oil, olive oil, nuts, and avocados. Polyunsaturated fats are found in corn oil, soybean oil, or sunflower oil is also good. After you eat fat travel through the bloodstream. You need insulin to store fat in your body’s cells. Fat is used for energy.

So you can see what a big role insulin plays in your body. A good diet is essential for diabetes. Exercise also very important. A diabetic can live a full healthy if they do three things. Eat healthy, Exercise, and inject the right amount of insulin. It takes dedication and hard work. But in the end it was really worth it because it is your life.

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